Terms and Conditions



Methow Motion currently operates with TWO 6-passenger shuttles for pick up/drop off WITHIN Washington State. Our service is designed for groups of three or more passengers and pricing is based on the overall cost being divided among riders. Methow Motion does NOT organize/plan individual or group shuttles and will NOT release any client information without consent therefore, it is solely up to the customer to fill their reserved shuttle if they so choose. All drive times are calculated with recommendations via online mapping. Methow Motion does NOT charge tax nor do we charge per person for reserved rates.

Reserved Rates:

Methow Motion charges a standard fee of $60/hr./van or $65/hr./SUV while passengers are in shuttle. There will also be a $30/hr./van or SUV charge for pick up of distances greater than 15 miles from home base or a $30/hr./van or SUV for empty shuttle return to home base charge, whichever applies to your circumstances.  


NON-Reserved Rates:

Non-reserved shuttles will be $2.25 per mile for up to 6 passengers within the Methow Valley (Mazama to Methow). Non-reserved shuttles can not be scheduled in advance for pick up or return service.  Non-reserved rates are by availability only and can not be guaranteed on any given day.


Standby or Extra Miles:

Methow Motion charges a flat rate of $15/30 minutes standby time per shuttle for stops (i.e. shopping, dining, sightseeing, etc.) greater than 15 minutes.  This standby charge excludes necessary stops on longer shuttle rides (3hrs. or more) in which case  2 - 10 minute stops will be scheduled along the way for restroom/personal needs. In the event a shuttle ride is longer than 4 hrs. a dinning break will be offered at standard standby rates.



In order to hold your position on the Methow Motion schedule, a deposit in the amount of 20% of your overall cost or $50, whichever is greater, will be charged within 5 business days of the initial confirmation of your reservation. This deposit will not be charged without signed consent in agreement to reserved dates, times, number of vehicles, number of passengers, and details of any kind related to the trip or event in question.




After Hours:

Adjusted drive time allowances are included for driving on all roads. In the event of a delay due to a traffic incident or revision; your rate will be adjusted accordingly. If requesting pick up in the Everett/Seattle or other surrounding areas, to help minimize after hours driving we do not pick up before 9:00am on any given day as pick ups from these locations to Twisp are a minimum 10 hr. round trip. For all pick up/ drop off locations taking longer than 8hrs. round trip anywhere in Washington State, the previously mentioned pick up time does apply. For your safety as well as the safety of Methow Motion drivers, please plan your shuttle accordingly.


Cancellations and Rescheduling:

Methow Motion books client reservations  with a minimum 24hr. separation to prevent overlapping of scheduled trips or events. Canceling or changing dates/times of your reservation will result in the forfeit of your deposit if not canceled or rescheduled within 10 business days of your initial booking. In the event your reservation is set within 10 business days of your initial booking date, the deposit is non-refundable once paid.


Hiking, Biking, and Skiing:

Methow Motion takes pride in being the only local shuttle service operating under special use permit for pick up/drop off at trailheads within the North Cascades National Park (NPS), Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (USFS), and Snoqualmie-Mt. Baker National Forest. Road/trail conditions for reservation dates can not be confirmed or guaranteed at the time reservation is made, if made 30 days or more in advance, due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Methow Motion drivers require a signed waiver from each passenger/guardian releasing Methow Motion and it’s employees from all responsibilities and liabilities before exiting each vehicle within the NPS (PCT), PNT, Forest Service, or other trailhead areas.

Please keep in mind, slow speeds at night or of Forest Service Roads are necessary for the safety of our passengers as well as drivers and will result in longer drive times. As you are solely responsible for all parking/hiking permits, please have all required documents available unless you have made other arrangements with us.

As the road to Harts Pass is minimally maintained, we suggest no more than 5 passengers per vehicle. For safety purposes, the last pick up/drop off at any trail head on any given day is 5:00pm to ensure Methow Motion drivers have enough time to return home before dark. Please plan your pick up/drop off accordingly.

Bike racks will accommodate up to four bikes with possible room in rear shuttle compartment for a fifth with wheels removed. A rooftop carrier will accommodate ski equipment with room in rear compartment for backpacks and duffel bags. (Group policies apply)



There is a ONE hour minimum on all weddings and events. Shuttling attendees TO wedding/event prior or FROM wedding/event after will be included in the number of hours reserved for wedding/event. Reservation hours can be divided if there is a minimum 3 hour window between scheduled transfers, pick ups, or drop offs.



As oversized backpacks and gear greatly reduces passenger space when full, we suggest a maximum of TWO (1 large and 1 small) back pack, suit case, duffel bag etc. per person with more than FOUR passengers in your group.



A maximum of ONE large or TWO medium or THREE small pets are allowed per vehicle, kenneled or trained pets preferred. Pets must be well behaved or kept under your control and is under the discretion of the driver of that shuttle to determine weather this request has been met. In the event the driver decides the pet(s) are out of your control or problematic, the driver reserves the right to return you and your pet(s) to your original pick up location at any point during your drive or refuse return service of the pet(s) in question. A fee of $25 per pet is applied as detailing after every shuttle containing a pet is required to avoid complications for clientele with allergies. Pet arrangements must be made within TWO weeks of booking your reservation and will not be accepted within ONE week of your scheduled reservation date.



Balance is required to be paid in full prior to scheduled departure. Checks will be accepted and are required to be delivered to Methow Motion at PO Box 973 Twisp WA 98856 a minimum of 7 days prior to Scheduled departure. Returned checks will result in a $30 charge and cancellation of reservation if payment is not resolved within TWO days of returned check. Visa and Master Card accepted. Suggested gratuity is 15%-25% and is not included in your bill.


Food and Drink:

Dry snacks (i.e. chips, trail mix, candy etc.) and approved bottled drinks only in shuttle. All other food items must be stored securely in rear compartment or overhead cargo and must comply with local food laws and regulations of the areas traveled during transit.


Drugs and Alcohol:

No alcohol, or non-prescription drugs (including recreational) will be allowed in vehicle at any time.

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