New Shuttle Service takes over Classic Mountain Cabby's role

Wesley Wilcox and Rachel Cramer are well versed in the principles of excellent customer service. Cramer, a server at Tappi, and Wilcox, who has a long history in culinary arts, landscaping, and retail, both get satisfaction out of helping people get what they want. Now, Wilcox and Cramer intend to help people get where they want, using their new business, Methow Motion Shuttle Services (formerly Classic Mountain Cabby), as the vehicle – literally – to deliver great customer service.


Methow Motion Shuttle Services (Methow Motion) provides transportation to clients within the Methow Valley, throughout the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, and regionally. It continues the passenger transportation business begun by Susan Speir as Gabby Cabby in 2012 and maintained later by Jeremy and Tyler Welborn as Classic Mountain Cabby from 2013-2019. (Speir still operates a freight delivery service, but does not transport passengers.)


Looking for a ride to a trailhead in the National Forest on National Park? Need a lift over the Loup to a doctor’s appointment? Floating the river and wondering how to get back to your car? Methow Motion can meet your needs.


As the only shuttle service legally permitted to operate in the National Forest, Methow Motion will spend a solid chunk of time ferrying backpackers to and from various trailheads, including Pacific Crest Trail entry and exit spots. That’s just fine with Wilcox and Cramer, who, along with the four children they have between the two of them, love to get out and experience the valley’s different wild places.


Maintaining service

In fact, supporting recreation was one of the main reasons Wilcox and Cramer purchased the shuttle service. “Tyler [Welborn] is a friend,” says Wilcox. “And things just fell into place for us to buy the business. We are invested in helping other people and other families with their recreational needs, so that they can get out into places we enjoy as well.”


Wilcox and Cramer intend to continue the same level of shuttle services the Welborn brothers offered with Classic Mountain Cabby: airport shuttles to Wenatchee, Bellingham, and Sea-Tac; rides to medical appointments; river and backpacker shuttles; rides up to Loup Loup for skiing; the popular town-to-Blues-Ranch shuttle during the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival.


“We are going to do our best to provide affordable local transportation services” says Wilcox, noting that Methow Motion’s shuttles are most economical when they include multiple passengers. “The more the merrier,” he says, and the more affordable as well.


Wilcox, who cooked at the Twisp River Pub, landscaped with Carlton Landscape Construction, and worked at Bear Creek Lumber, will now be with Methow Motion full time. Cramer will continue as a server with Tappi but will help with Methow Motion’s administration and scheduling needs. Both, however, agree that Methow Motion will be dedicated to getting people where they need to go.


“There’s a lot to do and see in this valley,” says Wilcox. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to help move people around in it.”


Methow Valley News article by: Ashley Lodato

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