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Methow Motion takes over Classic Mountain Cabby’s Role

Wesley Wilcox and Rachel Cramer are well versed in the principles of excellent customer service. But outside of their impeccable ability to make people from all walks of life feel comfortable and taken care of – they themselves are genuinely exceptional individuals. When Wes and Rachel became partners and merged their lives many years ago, the team that they became benefited not only their immediate families – but also their community. As the only transport service available, Methow Motion Shuttle Services provides transportation to clients within the Methow Valley, through-out the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, and regionally. A necessity that a tourist based economy, and growing community desperately needs.

As the only shuttle service legally permitted to operate in the National Forest, Methow Motion will spend a solid portion of their time ferrying backpackers to and from numerous trailheads, including Pacific Crest Trail entry and exit points. Hitting the river for a float and wondering how you’ll get back to your car? Need a lift over the Loup to an appointment? Surprise flight out of Wenatchee without a ride to the airport? Methow Motion will meet and exceed your needs. 


Methow Motion continues the passenger transportation business begun by Susan Speir, (Gabby Cabby, 2012), and then later operated by Jeremy and Tyler Welborn as Classic Mountain Cabby, (2013-2019). After the acquisition from previous owner, and friend of Wes and Rachel’s, Tyler Welborn – Methow Motion came to fruition.

Wes and Rachel’s immersion to the Methow life and culture, however, has been ever-present long before the acquisition of their business. Wes is a man who had the opportunity to experience many homes over the course of his life. While on a trip to Canada roughly 7 years ago, he happened to stop and visit friends who lived in the Methow Valley. This also happened to be a time when the massive wildfire, the Carlton Complex Fire, was in full swing. It was a heavy summer. But during his stay, Wes could not ignore the bright energy the community brought forward. The level of love, support, and care the residents took of one another and their home gave him the sense that everybody’s participation in the greater good did not go unnoticed. He could not put his finger on the feeling – but he decided to stay and relocate to the Methow full-time.

Rachel, a native born to the Methow Valley, has been a year-round resident for the last 25 years. During that tenure, she honed her craft as a leader in business management and customer service. Her work history made her perfectly positioned when the opportunity arose to acquire a business with Wes, to take on the job. The pair met while working together in Twisp during Wes’ first year in the Valley, and quickly formed a special bond which neither of them at the time knew - would traverse great distances. Literally. And that feeling that Wes couldn’t put a finger on so many years ago has started to become clear. There truly is a need for the service they provide. Through the families and individuals they’ve been able to assist that would have otherwise been stranded without reliable transportation emerged a purpose and new layer of happiness, for community and each other. 


Rachel and Wes are true friends and neighbors, and share four children together in their home in Twisp.

Written by: Cierra Schoenthal

Meet The Team


Wesley Wilcox

General Manager/Owner


Rachel Cramer


Adam - Team photo_edited.jpg

Adam Deprati

Lead Driver

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